Photogrammetry and 3D Scans

The first project in Section Two approaches the digital idea of “photogrammetry” which is essentially the use of photographs to create a measurable picture of something. It is also the basis for 3D scanning of objects.

Like photo stitching or photomerge (in Photoshop), 3D scanning software processes a batch of 2D photos of a thing taken from multiple angles.The software detects points of connection and overlap in the photos and then generates a 3D image. Google street view is a sort of photogrammetry. Osang Gwon’s work seems like a garage band version of photogrammetry.

The most easily accessible app for creating 3D files from photos is 123D Catch. Free download. You can use this to make a 3D scan of yourself in no time. From your phone!

Here’s a more DIY nerdy way: DIY 3D scanning. Some other thoughts on open source software for 3D scans can be found here.

The technology to create and print 3D models is becoming more accessible every minute. From an artist’s standpoint the question is: how are you going to put this technology to good use?


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